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5 PAQ inspired looks with the iconic Nike AF-1 Shadow!

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Written by : Erin Sam

Edited by : Dale Bashir, Syira & Shahera Sam

Photograph by : Calvin Khor

If you never heard of PAQ, it is one of the best Fashion-focused show on YouTube and is produced by Kyra TV. They drop new episodes every single Thursday, so if you're a fashion enthusiast like Team Lulu, you should definitely watch the show. We're huge fans of PAQ and of course the iconic Nike Air Force 1 are one of their favourite sneakers. I've decided to come out with 5 looks inspired by the PAQ boys using the latest Nike Air Force 1 Shadow!


Dexter Black aka Mr Black. I decided to pair up this Stranger Things hoodie with red track pants and beanie, mainly because Dex himself loves a good Black and Red combo! The Nike Air Forces really compliments the fit and in Dex's words, That's mad bruv!


Jheez! Elias aka Astro Boy, is known for his flamboyant, colourful, wavy fits. I love his 70's, 90's and 2000s inspo fits so my take on Elias Riadi is with this purple MTV jumper with checkered pants, shimmery bucket hat, chains and matchy shades of course! To keep the look clean, I wore pastel purple socks with the Nike Air Force and just like how Elias would describe his fit, Fire!


Danny is a Pimp. For Danny boy, I paired up this oversized blazer with pink t-shirt and what's Danny without his scarfs? To make the look more Danny, I paired up my pink polka dot, Kate Spade scarf to match the shirt and socks! I can totally imagine Danny pulling of this look if he were to wear the Air Force 1 kicks.


Dungarees + Beret = Shaquille-Aaron Keith. Right away, I picked up my dungarees and wore it with my oversized red stripe shirt, matchy shades and black beret! I wanted to go for an art student vibe and the Nike Air Forces really completes the look, that's peng.


Scott Cruft, our favourite PAQ guest on the show. Scott is a stylist and is a good friend of the boys. We highkey want Scott to part of the PAQ squad already! So this is my take on Scott's fit; Pestle & Mortar oversized bowling shirt and socks, subtle pink corduroy pants, white tank top, chain, shades and we have Scott!

Retailing for RM 455, this gorgeous new pair of Nike Air Force 1 Shadow are available in stores worldwide in multiple colour ways. Get yours today and pack it up like the PAQ boys!


Photo Credit : @paq.official , @eliasriadi , @dexthefreak , @dannylomass , @shakka.d.badmon & @crusco_

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