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Hijabista can say #Hijaboleh with SAFI’s new bodycare line!

SAFI Malaysia understands the challenges faced by Hijabistas and it is difficult to find the right products that can keep them fresh, comfortable, and stylish, even with multi-layered outfits, especially in our Malaysian weather. SAFI hijabista bodycare is specially crafted for the comfort of hijabistas in Malaysia which introduces 4 new products that combat malodour and body stickiness.

Antibacterial Deodorant Roll On is a functional antibacterial deodorant that provides effective protection with skincare benefits. Provides 48 hours protection and is made available with an easy glide applicator. You can choose between the 3 variants of Healthy White – Apricot & Pearl Powder, Dry Fresh- Aloe Vera & Cucumber or the Soft & Smooth- Shea Butter & Almond Oil. This product also delivers 7 Pro Action benefits: Anti-Bacterial, Anti Odour, Anti Sweat, Anti Skin Stress, Anti Irritation, Anti Stains and Anti Stickiness, leaving you free from odour, and feeling fresh even with your multi-layering fashion outfit all day and that all Hijabistas will appreciate!

Apart from the roll on, there is also an Antibacterial Deodorant Spray in the new SAFI HIJABISTA BODYCARE range. This product is the answer to any odour issues that you will face, and it can be used all over your body. While also providing 48 hours protection, this product enables instant drying to ensure no discomfort upon usage.

Another attractive product launched in the new range is the SAFI HIJABISTA BODYCARE Aqua Gel Lotion. This Gel Lotion ensures smooth and velvety skin even with multi-layering outfits. Extraordinarily, thanks to the 7 Pro Action technology, this product helps to rejuvenate dry skin, restore hydration, revitalize skin, relieve skin stress, and retain skin softness. You also get to enjoy a refreshing aqua sensation while reducing the fine lines on your skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth and hydrated wherever you go.

The range also include an all-rounder SAFI HIJABISTA BODYCARE Multi-Function Soothing Gel which comes in 2 different variants; 100% Natural Aloe Vera and 100% Natural Pomegranate, providing convenience as there will be no need to hunt for multiple products for different usage. The Soothing Fresh (Aloe Vera) soothes and calms skin whereas Radiant Fresh (Pomegranate) repairs and brightens skin. This lightweight gel of multi-function usage hydrates skin for all Hijabistas. It can be used effectively as a body moisturizer, after shave, and even hair treatment. If you face worries with flaky, peeling, or irritated skin, or even cracked heels, this is a product that you do not want to miss as it solves your problems!

SAFI Hijabista Bodycare range are now available in stores nationwide.

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