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How Chiropractic Care Improved My Day-To-Day

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I considered Chiropractic treatment as I’ve had been suffering from bad posture habits, along with a major car accident that led to a number of physical debilitations. After checking with Dr Jonathan at Balance Chiropractic, he discovered my left pelvis was swollen along with several other areas along my spine through the Gonstead System. Due to these debilitations, I suffered from gastritis and massive headaches, occurring 4 to 5 times a week.

It took about 1 to 2 weeks for the symptoms to go away, with the gastritis and headaches going away completely. While getting your spine adjusted does sound scary and daunting at first, my fears were quickly eliminated after the first few sessions. My journey to healing at Balance Chiropractic started with my consultation, in which Dr Jonathan told me which parts of my spine were swollen and in need of adjustments. Affected areas include my left pelvis due to the aforementioned car accident, the 7th Thoracic Spine along the mid-back, and the 4th and 6th Cervical spine on my neck.

Next, I was sent for an X-Ray to get a confirmation on these ailments at KPJ Ampang Puteri, which is across the street from Balance Chiropractic. The first adjustment was done promptly, and immediately I felt my back being straighter than before and definitely felt better. After 3 days, I went for my second visit, all while still suffering headaches and gastric attacks. On my third visit, the headaches only occurred around once or twice a week, though it definitely was less painful. The gastritis was also gone, and I could feel the swelling in my pelvis had gone down.

My next few visits after that only involved minor adjustments, mostly on the mid-back and neck. So far, I’ve been having regular check-ups ever since, with regular check-ups at the clinic every week. As far as how my life and work have been easy since the treatments, my everyday life has been less stressful, with no more major headaches which meant no more pills to curb this daily ailment. Gastritis is also a rare occurrence these days.

Are you wondering if it hurts to get your back adjusted? Fret not, the treatment does not hurt at all. You will only feel the pressure of the bones moving in when it gets adjusted. You’ll feel much better once it is corrected!

Overall, my back feels better after its been straightened out. Dr Jonathan taught me a simple exercise to do every day, which takes only 2 minutes a day and it’s great for our posture and helps our muscles relax for the day. I have also been sleeping better and have a better sleeping position that doesn’t compromise my spine. All this contributes to me having a better workday, as I am free from ailments and have enough sleep every day to function well at work.

As a whole, I have had a pleasant and overall satisfying experience with Balance Chiropractic and highly recommend this place if you are suffering from any complications with your back. For further enquires, be sure to check out Balance Chiropractic Instagram, Facebook page and Website or call them at 017-6688239 for bookings.

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