• Erin Sam

Rambut Supa, Hari Supa with SAFI Shayla Hijab Haircare!

A common problem hijabis face on a regular basis is their battles against hair problems such as - dry hair, oily hair, flat hair, and hair odour beneath their hijab. The new SAFI Shayla’s SUPA haircare combo is comprehensive care specially designed for hijabis that can give you Supa Good Hair day every day in just 2 easy steps.

1) Use SAFI SUPA Smooth & Fragrant Shampoo to unlock a superior silky softness for the hair, as it keeps it more manageable, non-oily, and lightweight, with long-lasting fragrance that can last up to 72 hours

2) Apply SAFI SUPA Smooth & Fragrant Leave-On Cream on damp hair to instantly transform frizzy unmanageable hair into silky smooth hair. Saves time with no-rinse, no fuss, and no stickiness. They’re also super handy with their multi usage functions such as heat protectant, quick fix to style the hair before and after removing hijab or anytime throughout the day

They're also will be giving away Supa Pink Vespa worth RM17,000 and weekly cash prizes up to RM1,000 to lucky winners who join the SAFI SUPA Menang Vespa Contest from 1st July – 31st July 2021 only with a minimum RM15 purchase of any SAFI Shayla SUPA products!

SAFI Shayla SUPA range are now available in stores nationwide.

 For further information on, latest promotions and exciting contests from SAFI visit their official Instagram, Facebook, and Website.

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