• Erin Sam

Zamaera Zooms Ahead with her "Z" EP

We kicked off our month of March by attending Zamaera's EP Launch! *Woot Woot* Held at TGV, One Utama, we got first dibs on her EP "Z" with an intimate performance alongside an exclusive, well put documentary leading viewers through the recording process of “Z”which was recorded in Chicago 2018. We were mesmerized and mind blown by her amazing performance and its one of a kind set up!

‘Z’ has been a reflection of my personal and musical growth. From the time spent working on the

music, to the constant practice of ‘making things better’ such as my live performances. Just like this

live EP performance in LFx, we want to create immersive experiences for the listeners. Above all

else, I couldn’t have possibly done this without the contribution of my amazing team who turned this

EP into a reality,” says Zamaera.

Zamaera won our hearts since her debut single “Helly Kelly” and have been in MTV Asia’s MTV Rap Cypher breaking over a million views! She has also performed at Good Vibes Festival 2018, and is the first female hip hop act to perform in Singapore’s largest alternative music festival, Baybeats 2018. Pioneering the music scene in Malaysia, she will be the first artist to ever tour the nation live in LFx.

Zamaera is also the first ever artist to tour in a brand new and exciting format called, LFx. Concerts in LFx allowing the artist to perform live in 7.1 surround sound with visual enchantment. The nationwide tour is made possible with the exclusive partnership between TGV Cinemas and Lakefront Records to bring LFx technology to life. More details on her tour will be announced soon but it is certain that the tour will travel to TGV Cinemas in Johor Bahru, Penang, Miri and Kuala Lumpur.

“Z” will be available on iTunes and all streaming platforms from March 29th 2019. Save the date!

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